Yesss! ewe xD I didnt play many jokes this year, but my class and my student teacher did get her faculty advisor! X3 Ill explain that one tomorrow, I dont really feel like typing it out right now, sorry! ;u; Im stil kinda tired and its almost twenty after ten, so I dont want to stay on too long tonight, aha. xD 

Someone else did some stuff in the girls bathroom on the first floor, too. :o They had petroleum jelly on some of the door handles and they put saran wrap on most of the toilets too. D: I had like three fingers on one of the handles with the jelly on it before I actually realized there was something there, aha. xD I ended up having to wash my hands before I actually got to use the bathroom. I also ended up having to go upstairs to use the bathroom too, which was sort of annoying, but oh well. //shrugs

Whoever did all the stuff to the downstairs bathroom had to have done it between first class and lunch though, because none of it was there when I was in the bathroom this morning. o.o

Anyway, its almost ten thirty now, so I think Im going to get off for today. 030

Ill explain what happened with the joke we played on my student teachers faculty advisor tomorrow! xD

Night guys! ewe