Concrete pump, concrete pump small common faults and troubleshooting Electro-hydraulic concrete pump is a highly integrated product, the hydraulic system can be divided into closed and open, dispensing valve can be divided into the rotary valve, gate valve, S-shaped valve. larger concrete mixer or electric cement mixer concrete pan mixer Electrical aspects, PLC (programmable logic controller) is now also introduced concrete pump, which greatly improved the reliability of the electrical system. But no matter what form of pump, which performs the same components, including the main delivery cylinder, the dispensing valve swing cylinder and stirring motors, and cylinders commutation from the corresponding on-off solenoid valve and limit switch (or proximity switch) control. Despite the different forms, but usually it has to be analyzed from the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical failure when the three aspects.   1, the main motor is less than the required speed by the main motor start button, the motor can operate, but less than the required speed, and by the star connection to automatic shutdown triangle connection   First check the power supply voltage is normal, the transformer capacity is enough (transformer capacity is generally calculated load of 1.15 times), and then determine the starting voltage supply line diameter meets the requirements to ensure that the voltage drop within the specified range by calculation and measurement ( Allow the line voltage drop is generally not more than 5%), if the start-up voltage drop is too large, it may be appropriate to increase the diameter. Improper operation and failure of the hydraulic system can cause starting problems. barrow mix twin-shaft electric concrete small cement mixer price Before power, first check the pump, stirring motor operating handle is in the neutral position, the pumping button is turned off. If you still can not start the main pump pressure is necessary to check the control solenoid valve is normal, to ensure that the main oil pump when starting in unloading state.   2. Press the pumping button, concrete cylinder does not work or unable to work   2.1 Check hydraulic oil level is normal, there is insufficient added to a predetermined position; then start the motor observe the vacuum gauge reading is within the normal range, in order to determine whether you need to replace the filter.   2.2 shutdown, open the main power, press pumping button, look carefully controlling the pumping action of the solenoid valve is also available multimeter to measure off the situation of the relevant solenoid valves, if normal should be further determine the fault line, or solenoid valve coil spool stuck or damaged. If normal, you should check the operation of the hydraulic valve case.