Elegant and stylish appearance, with hidden Supercar compete amazing strength, which is the Mercedes - Benz E55 AMG. The old section of the E55, although this did not enter China, but in China it is as much the amount of fans. The classic four headlamps it has a high degree of recognition, be careful not to be fooled by its low-key appearance, power breaks out enough to make you a surprise. Appearance, this modification of the Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG forged WCI plating wheels, and suspension by pneumatic wheels make perfect integration with the body, the effect is particularly impressive. For many of the old car hobby players, the 4th generation Volkswagen Golf R32 is definitely one of the favorites and had to change the model. Although the R32 has been discontinued for many years, and follow-up of multi-generation models replaced, but its status in the eyes of many fans has been very strong. The Golf R32 From this we can see that the modified car owners spend a lot of effort, including electroplated coating Porsche forged wheels, carbon fiber hood, power supercharger kit is added and so on. Audi A4 Allroad has a cross-border concept as a station wagon, the amount of exposure in recent years can be described as modified circle is very high. While more low-key appearance, but later modified by players to build carefully, all kinds of A4 Allroad emerged as a major exhibition, the focus of the party.